Coonawarra/Limestone Coast

Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

The Coonawarra is a narrow strip of coveted land on the Limestone Coast, between Adelaide and Melbourne, and although it is 80 kilometres (50 miles) from the coast, it benefits from maritime influences thanks to its flat terrain.

Wine Style

Cabernet Sauvignon, which predominates, is made into concentrated, structured wines with characteristic cassis and eucalyptus or menthol aromas. The best examples age very will. Shiraz, Merlot and Chardonnay are also widely planted.

The Coonawarra region has a distinctive red, terra rossa soil over a limestone subsoil. Under the influence of cold currents from the Antarctic, the maritime climate is moderate. Cloud cover moderates summer temperatures.

Wine History

Coonawarra has a long wine history, but its revival in the 1950s really put its name on the world stage. Today it’s home to a collaborative community of multigenerational wine families, national and international companies, and some fresh voices that are helping to enliven the region.

Grape-growing Haven

With its limestone-based soils, including the famous terra rossa, and a cooler climate than many other South Australian wine regions, Coonawarra provides ideal conditions for producing elegant, award‑winning wines.

Patience and Passion

Coonawarra is renowned for its outstanding wines developed over time. Vineyards are tended for generations, world-class Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz age for decades, and winemakers hone their craft over many years. It’s the kind of place where people settle for life.

Fun Fact

The name Coonawarra comes from a local Aboriginal word that means ‘honeysuckle’, which grows wild in the area.

Distance: Coonawarra is approximately 373 km (232 miles) south east of Adelaide and a four hour drive.

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